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Virtual Hair Extension Course

Below is a list of of our Virtual hair extension courses. Simply choose your preferred date then select "Register". Once you have registered, you will receive a link to the class via email. Our virtual classes are live, not prerecorded and are instructed via Google Classroom. a few days prior to the course, you will receive your kit for the class. Please make sure to enter your complete mailing address when registering.

**Please disregard the "location" and "time" information when viewing the detailed information. Virtual class times differ from in person times. See the start times for the virtual classes below:

British Columbia (PDT & PST) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8:00am

Alberta (MDT & MST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:00am

Saskatchewan (MDT) - Second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November ---------------------  9:00am

Saskatchewan (CST) - First Sunday in November to second Sunday in March --------------------- 10:00am

Manitoba (CDT & CST) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  10:00am

Ontario & Quebec (EDT & EST) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  11:00am

Nova Scotia, PEI & New Brunswick (ADT & AST) -------------------------------------------------------- 12:00pm

Newfoundland (NDT & NST) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12:30pm

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