Hello and welcome to our site! We are excited to show you all that we have to offer. We don't

just offer courses and send you on your way, we offer a new career with lifetime support, business

courses (included with our 10 Method + Cutting), a forum and industry knowledge & recommendations!

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In addition to hair extension courses, IAOB will be offering a wide range of beauty courses in the near future including nano brows, lip blushing and micro-needling! We will need a bit more time to gather the best supplies and create the most informative manual in the industry so we appreciate your patience while we finalize these courses!!


From time to time, we also bring in experts for "limited time only" courses and online seminars! We also offer limited time only promotions so check our site often! You can find our promos here.

In light of COVID-19, we recognize some may not be comfortable in a class setting just yet so we have decided to offer virtual classes with a free in person class if you are less than confident in your new ability, once you feel at ease! Our virtual classes are live (not pre-recorded) with demo videos available to refresh you knowledge! 

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We Are Green

Now more than ever we must do our part to ensure rivers do not run dry, animals do not lose their

habitat and we continue to have clean air to breathe. International Academy of Beauty is proud

to announce we are now 95% paper free (we still print certificates on paper) to reduce our

effect on the environment and to help in the sustainability of its' creatures.


By simply not printing manuals and forms, we are helping to decrease air pollution, increase O2 production and abate deforestation. We have also included premium tools with a long life

expectancy which will decrease the amount of post-consumer waste whereby lessening

air pollution and ozone depletion.


Each student will now have the use of a tablet in class for theory. Manuals, information inserts

and forms are available electronically on this site (under your profile) to peruse at anytime.




I just took my 6 method extension course with Elizabeth and it was fantastic! Super informing and I feel like I got a lot of insight into the extension industry that I wasn't already aware of. I had taken a course with another company before taking this one and I didn't get anything out of it and didn't feel confident. Now I'm happy to say I am super confident and can't wait to start my business! Thanks Elizabeth!!

-Brit Aitken

Elizabeth is an awesome instructor and the course was super thorough, I felt extremely confident performing all the installations after completing the material. Thank you!

-Shawna Welsh

I took this course in 2016 and I'm so happy I did! I was able to make a successful career change with the knowledge I obtained from this school. Would recommend 100%.

-Erin Intranuovo

Elizabeth's course was awesome. She is very personable which made asking questions easy! She made sure I was confident in all methods before completing the course. I would recommend it to anyone! I now install extensions weekly, and only took the course a little over a month ago. She also keeps in touch with me and answers any questions I have. Thank you!

-Haley Caines

I took this course and not only was it fun, the educator was so patient and such a great teacher! I would recommend them to anyone!

-Jenn Potenza 

I am so glad I took my extension course through National Extension Institute. The information was well presented with enough time to learn & practice all of the methods. Elizabeth was a fantastic instructor who was happy to share her vast knowledge and answer all my questions!

-Kahrolle Bleh

Lizzie - Hair Extension Instructor

An instructor for more than 8 years, Lizzie eats, sleeps and breathes hair extensions. Her passion for this industry is reflected in her instruction and her dedication ensures no student completes her courses lacking skill.

Rita - Hair Extension Instructor

Rita has proven herself to be a natural in the beauty industry, consistently thriving with each new ability she learns. Patience and variety are among the few traits she graces her students with during each class.

IAOB - Instructor Wanted

IAOB is currently searching for the next best instructor to join our fabulous team! If you have experience in hair extensions as well as a trustworthy and kind demeanor, we would love to hear from you! The ideal candidate resides in Alberta or Ontario, is free to travel within Canada.



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